1. Description
  • The variety of shipped will be the one that is being collected at the time of ordering.
  • All available varieties go through the same selection and calibration process, so the same quality is guaranteed.
  • The minimum size is 28/30.
  1. More information
  • Orders are only received through this website.
  • Shipping is not included in the price and is optional. If you wish, you can come and pick your cherries at our production plant.
  • Orders from 4 kg. with free shipping costs.
  • Only shipments within the Iberian peninsula.
  • Orders are usually ready to be shipped or withdrawn from the plant, in 24-48 hours.
  • To ensure the quality of our products, complying with the delivery time between 24-48 hours, orders placed on Friday, Saturday and Sunday will be prepared and shipped on Monday and delivered on Tuesday.
  • Payment is made only through this website, by credit card, through Caixabank.