Relationship with the Community

Our relationship with the community and environment is close, collaborative and mutually beneficial. We are present collaborating in local cultural and sporting initiatives in some towns in which we are present, such as Miravet, La Torre de l’Espanyol and Tivissa.

On the other hand, in labor matters we always prioritize local workers when looking for staff for our season, thus contributing to the creation of employment in the community of which we are part. We also focus on the recruitment and selection of workers in the different locations within the region.


In CERIMA Cherries, we have different orchards located along the valley of the Ebro River. The different distribution of the farms along the valley, makes the moment of ripening of each cherry variety different in each of them, and therefore we have quality cherries throughout the season. Nowadays, we have farms in Benifallet, Flix, La Serra d’Almos, La Torre de l’Espanyol, Maials, Miravet, Tivissa and Vinebre.

The homogeneity in the growing methods in each of CERIMA Cherries’ farms, the continuous training given to our producers, and the new technology implemented on farms, make our fruit meet an important characteristic of normalization and homogeneity, unifying criteria such as color, firmness, category and size. This allows us to offer a new dimension and differentiation to the quality of our fruit.

Where are we?


Our offices: Ctra. De la Serra s/n, Tivissa, 43746. Tarragona, Cataluña, España.


Our warehouse: Ctra. De la Serra s/n, Tivissa, 43746. Tarragona, Cataluña, España.


Our fields: Miravet, La Torre de l’Espanyol, Maials, La Serra d’Almos y Tivissa.